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RapidWriter is a brand new high tech System just released within the Wealthy Affiliate University. This program is an Internet marketers DREAM tool that allows you to pump out super highly optimized content for your Articles and Websites. Anyone that gets FREE traffic from Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other popular search engines knows that by creating highly optimized, targeted, and original content is absolutely necessary. RapidWriter is an elaborate (and simple to use) system that produces Turbocharged Search Engine optimized content!

Creating and managing your website and article content is very important, and RapidWriter handles this with ease. All of your content and articles are housed for you within the Wealthy Affiliate proprietary system so that you can work on them from any location where you have Internet access. Whether you're on your on the road, or working from your office, you have full accessibility, when you need it.

RapidWriter Editor

RapidWriter is very intuitive and filled with powerful tools. The coolest part of the system is that all changes and modifications are made in real time as you type and make modifications. In other words, content is updated right before your eyes! You can even check Keyword Density for words and phrases.

This system is so slick with a neat and clean interface . It has a built in thesaurus and an easy to use spell checker which finds and replaces words. Imagine how much time this will save. RapidWriter lets you auto generate original content from a single article! all with just a click of the mouse. Article writing has just been made painless and astonishingly quick.

RapidWriter Keyword Research Tool

Finding the perfect keywords to write your article for, and building your content into your article is a daunting task and can consume much of your time trying to find the perfect phrase that you can monetize. This is what RapidWriter does for you, and it performs an intense search of Google, Yahoo, and Live to find the search results for your keywords and phrases.

It's as easy as typing in a keyword, and RapidWriter does all of the dirty work for you! It even tells you if there are other articles found for the keywords you are researching, what position it was found in Google, and gives you a direct link to look at the article! Talk about "Power Score?" Through the roof! Every search you do will give you a power score and help you determine whether or not you should write an article for that keyword or phrase.

Imagine taking your internet marketing to the next level. You are just one step away from building a highly optimized turbocharged article database with RapidWriter. Quickly and easily research all of the sizzling HOT new keywords and focus on your business to make you more money.

Put Your Content on Auto-Pilot With RapidWriter

Need PLR articles? They're included!. Have your own content? No Problem. It's so easy to generate original content articles with the click of a mouse. I'm talking about 30, 40 or even 50 articles. DONE! All this is done with the power of "word replacement" technology. You can randomly generate unique content from a single source. Imagine never running out of articles for the hot new niche you just discovered. Actually making a "good" I mean "great" living online by sending free targeted traffic to your affiliate links has never been this easy.

...OK, So Where's The Catch?

You have to become a Wealthy Affiliate Member! RapidWriter is Exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate and is available to all members for absolutely nothing. You heard it right, RapidWriter is totally free to members of Wealthy Affiliate. Other companies charge hundreds of dollars a month for programs that offer only a portion of what RapidWriter is capable of doing. RapidWriter is in full use by many members at Wealthy Affiliate right now. Like me! This whole article was done using RapidWriter along with 30 more highly optimized ones just like this in just under 10 minutes. Cool Huh?

You Don't want to miss out on your opportunity to use the system, along with the many other unique products and services offered by the Wealthy Affiliate. Come check it out for yourself. You'll be glad you did.

For information on RapidWriter and Wealthy Affiliates: RapidWriter

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